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Marc Bielert

Languages: German / English.

Collective Role: Local Development of Functional Juggling.

– Quat Props Certified 12 hours Training Seminar on Functional Juggling in german/english language

– Private facilitations

– Workshops about FJ both online and in presence (German / English)

– Workshops about using Functional Juggling in early child development

– Group facilitations

– Visits to Health Centers

– Conferences

– Research + Development

Bio Blurb:

Marc began his work with Functional Juggling in 2017 after viewing some videos from Craig on Youtube. He started studying the method on his own till 2019 where he invited Lapo Botteri to Germany and organized a first Teacher-Training. From there on Lapo and Marc stayed in close contact, leading to his participation in 3C Erasmus+ Program as a guest-teacher in Italy and getting in closer contact to Craig Quat. Since 2017 he developed open source versions of the Juggleboard and the Newton for CNC - crafting, developed a concept for using the methodology in the context of early education (children with the age of 2+ years), started to give introductions and seminars in Germany as well as participating in the development of the European Network. Education / References 2000 starting to work as freelancer / juggler / artist 2003 education in the private circus school "Katakomben" in Berlin 2009 starting to give workshops / teachings in circus-arts 2013 official training as a circus-trainer 2014 training as cyr-wheel instructor (Lvl 1+2 IRV) 2015 training "social circus - cirque du soleil / cirque du monde" 2016 training as aerial-yoga instructor 2019 training as "Quat Props - Functional Juggling Facilitator" 2019 training "IN.Zirque" - inclusive methods of circus training

Kulturbühne_lang_transparent_web (1).jpg

Marc is board of directors of the association "Kulturbühne Neustadt e.V." society, wich leads a social and cultural center in Halle-Neustadt called "Passage13". Beside this he works as a freelancer - "Eigenarts-Halle" - where he offers circus-training and teachings
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